Our Services

A Family Environment

Many of our boys come from broken homes or have experienced abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment which often leads to disappointment and issues with trust. We take pride in providing individual attention to the youth in our care, being positive role models, and developing lasting relationships with them.

Counseling and Mentoring

Trained counselors provide individual, group and family therapy to help each child work through issues such as:

· Anger Management

· Delinquency

· Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders 

· Family Issues

· Poor Educational Achievement / Truancy

· Psychological distress/Trauma

· Substance Abuse/Misuse

Education and Life Skills Training

The children receive their core education through the Jasper County School District. In addition we provide training in personal care, daily living, and independent living through chore assignments, healthy meal preparation, facility and grounds maintenance and other tasks.  

Special Programs


Arts- Our “Young Men's Chorus” performs at various community events. This has been a great way for us to not only expose them to the arts, but to also help build confidence, self-efficacy, and promote responsibility. 

Entrepreneurship -  Classes are held in the areas of budgeting, job interviewing, and business planning.

Community & Civic Engagement- Children participate in a variety of community and service learning projects and events to promote a sense of ownership and responsibility, increase awareness of social issues and provide real-life experiences.

Work & Career Skills Building- There are opportunities to engage in a variety of hand-on projects such as lawn care and maintenance, painting, pressure washing and more.